Buzzing in Ear – Why You Get it and How to Stop It

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Check out this article by Chris Scott from End Your Tinnitus. He points out the research that is going on in the search for a cure for tinnitus.

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By Chris J. Scott

Buzzing in ear – it is a sensation that a large percentage of all people worldwide can get and significantly reduces quality of life. But if you know why it happens then you can learn how to stop it for good. Find out exactly how, in this article.

Where Does The Buzzing In Ear Originate From?

Buzzing in ear sensations are nothing new. Whether you have a buzzing or something that sounds more like a ringing sensation, these symptoms make up a condition called “tinnitus”.

Doctors known that to get tinnitus you must already have some hearing damage. This means that you will have been exposed to either an especially loud noise or to a lower volume (but still high) for a longer period. Either way, if you have tinnitus, you have hearing damage.

Can Hearing Damage Be Cured?

Unfortunately, hearing damage cannot be cured. Think of the delicate sensory hairs in your cochlea (part of the inner ear) as being like blades of grass.

If you sit on grass for a few minutes, it will recover and spring back. On the other hand, if you sit on grass for hours then it will not recover. The same applies for the sensory hairs in your cochlea.

Does this mean that there is no cure for buzzing in ear symptoms? Absolutely not.

How To Stop Your Tinnitus

Doctors know that everyone with tinnitus has existing hearing damage. But they also know that not everyone with hearing damage goes on to develop tinnitus.

That is because there are several secondary co-factors that are necessary for you to develop tinnitus. These co-factors are elements of your lifestyle such as what you eat, where you live, any drugs that you take and more.

Like trying to get rid of an allergy, you must investigate each of these co-factors in your life, one by one, and then you can finally get relief from your buzzing in ear symptoms.

Many people look for a short cut such as a special drug or drink that will supposedly get rid of your tinnitus. I strongly recommend that you do not waste money on such sham cures. They are simply taking advantage of people who want a quick cure. There is no quick cure for tinnitus – the only way to get rid of it is to be organized and methodical in your efforts to get rid of the co-factors.

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