How To Stop Ringing Ears

Banish TinnitusAt last there is a way to learn how to stop ringing ears! Tinnitus affects millions of Americans. Some can tolerate that constant ringing sound, but others find it intolerable. Thanks to advances in research, there are several effective ways to end this affliction.

In the past, doctors assumed that tinnitus was a hearing defect and one way they attempted to cure it was to render the sufferer deaf. This was only done in extreme cases, of course, but it rarely cured the problem and even made it worse in some cases.

Since the advent of brain scanning devices such as the PET scan and other high-tech equipment, researchers have uncovered much more data about the causes of tinnitus and new treatments are available. One such treatment is Tinnitus Retraining Therapy or TRT.

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TRT combines the services of a psychologist, a counselor and a listening device that utilizes white noise to hide the ringing sound in the ears. This Tinnitus Control Instrument in conjunction with the psychological counseling has had an impressive success record.

White noise is at the heart of the TCI, though it utilizes other things as well. In essence, white noise is a jumble of the full range of frequencies all carefully balanced and yet emitted in a random fashion. It is this which makes it so effective at masking the irritating ringing noise.

White noise CD’s have been produced that are designed specifically for treating tinnitus. These have been shown to work remarkably well all on their own. Often those who use the CD’s don’t hear the ringing sound even after they stop listening to the CD.

Another auditory device uses very precise frequencies that focus on specific tinnitus symptoms. It stimulates particular auditory pathways and also works to sooth the emotional centers of the brain. If used over a period of six months, it has been shown to be a very effective treatment.

There are also hypnotherapy techniques to help sufferers of tinnitus. Tinnitus causes distress in some people but not in others because it triggers an anxiety response in them and not because it is louder. A good hypnotherapist with a receptive client can re-train their mind to not react to the constant ringing in the ears that is tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not necessarily caused by external events like loud noises. Surmising that it must have its origins in the body, holistic approaches focus on the entire physical well being of the sufferer and use natural remedies to correct physical imbalances. There are traditional Chinese herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies and other alternative solutions to ringing in the ears that are said to be beneficial treatments.

Clearly tinnitus is being looked at and treated in many ways. Those that have been proven to be the most effective generally use the aforementioned auditory techniques combined with psychological techniques. Those that use sound therapy use white noise. The mixture of frequencies that produce white noise inhibit the recognition of other sounds, even though they may be more powerful. The use of targeted frequencies also provides relief from the constant ringing in the ears.

Psychological approaches always seek to help the patient learn to relax and learn to live with tinnitus. Because the fear response in the brain has been triggered by the ringing in the ears, turning off this response is the goal of this therapy.

Together, psychological therapy and sound therapy make the most powerful team in the search for ways how to stop ringing in the ears from destroying your peace of mind.

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