Ringing Ears Cure

Many Remedies And Treatments For Ringing Ears

Tinnitus MiracleWhile a ringing ears cure is hope, at best, for most tinnitus sufferers, there are many remedies and treatments available to the over 66 million people suffering from tinnitus in the United States. These remedies may be temporary or only partially relieve the discomfort for those suffering, but to them it is that moment of silence and sanity albeit temporary, that is so precious.

Having no real control over the constant ringing, the volume and frequency often unbearable, is the most frustrating part of having ringing ears, also known as Tinnitus. While some cases can be as mild, temporary and infrequent “heartbeat” sounds in the ears, other more extreme cases have made normalcy impossible for some. Very few frequent sufferers get quality sleep at night.

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Just as there are many degrees of intensity, volume and frequency involved in tinnitus sufferers, so are there many different remedies and treatments. Some may work better then others if at all for an individual. The best way to learn which remedy works for you is to remember that each person is different, and to keep trying until one gives enough relief to function normally.

The first step is to determine exactly which of the main four causes of tinnitus you are afflicted with. A doctor is the best person qualified to do this. Once determined if your tinnitus is due to some sort of trauma or stress, a sinus or allergic cause, cochlear damage (physical damage to the inner ear caused by loud noises) or Meniere’s's disease, it will be easier to find the correct remedy for you. Keep in mind that the sooner it is diagnosed the easier it will be to treat.

For those suffering from tinnitus due to Meniere’s disease, they may be aware that the disease causes vertigo, which is dizziness or a loss of balance, and that is due to pressure in the inner ear. It can cause temporary or even permanent hearing loss, and the best way to counter it is diet. There should be a conscious effort on the part of those suffering to regulate their eating and drinking habits.

It has been shown to moderately help sufferers to follow a regimen of foods that keep the body hydrated and cleanse it of toxins as well. For this purpose, a high water, no alcohol diet has helped as well as avoiding such foods as dairy products, salt, citrus fruit, wheat products, and especially caffeine. Foods that have shown to improve the condition are red meat, and green vegetables such as broccoli.

The most common complaint of tinnitus sufferers is a lack of sleep, or restful sleep. One popular treatment for this is the “Tinnitus Masking Treatment”. It is quite simple. The white noise which is played to the patient serves to divert their attention from the ringing and essentially “mask” it, so as to give them the illusion that it is greatly reduced, if not all together eliminated, and allowing them to rest.

Homeopathic remedies are also popular, and have been found in some to greatly help their symptoms. B Vitamins as well as zinc and magnesium are helpful as well as herbal remedies used by the Native Americans such as Ginko Biloba and Black Cohosh. These have all shown improvement in certain individuals with tinnitus. However keep in mind that each person reacts differently to each treatment.

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