Ringing Ears Treatment

Tinnitus MiracleTinnitus is the medical name for ringing in the ears. It is quite a common condition, affecting about one quarter of the population. It is a harrowing condition, however, causing much anxiety in the sufferer, leading many to search for ringing ears treatment.

You need to have suffered from this condition to fully appreciate how awful it can be. It not only causes mental confusion due to the continuity of the buzzing or ringing in the ears but tinnitus can cause a deep depression if it is not seen to rapidly.

Most sufferers of ringing in the ears find themselves unable to sleep when the quiet of the night descends and the tinnitus sounds louder. The persistent noise in the ears can drive a sufferer to depths of irritation and anxiety that may need treatment with anti-anxiety medication and even anti-depressants.

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The sufferer may find themselves with ringing in the ears after an evening at a night club where the music has been played far too loud, for example. (A common cause). This very loud buzzing can last for 24 hours afterward. Tinnitus can be present in both ears or just one ear. The noise may be in the range of an innocuous though annoying hum to a very loud ringing that never stops. Depending on the cause and the success of the treatment of tinnitus, the condition may last forever or just be a temporary condition.

It can affect the sufferer’s peace of mind, causing great irritation and anxiety;Can cause loss of acute hearing either temporarily, or permanently;Seems worse when the quiet of night descends, sounding much louder than during the day;Cause headaches;Cause vertigo (dizziness) with or without accompanying nausea; and/or make the sufferer feel despondent and depressed either due to lack of sleep.

The causes of ringing in the ears are many and sometimes, never diagnosed. The patient may be on medication which has the side effect of causing tinnitus. Obviously, this would then clear the moment the medication is stopped. The patient may have sinusitis, failed to protect their ears sufficiently in very noisy jobs (for example at airport terminals or using jackhammers, etc). Sometimes the causative factor has been using headphones with the volume turned up too loudly. This may cause irreparable damage to the delicate stapes bone of the middle ear. A pulsing type of tinnitus may be linked to blood flow and needs special investigation.

A pulsating ringing of the ears may be caused by a throat or ear infection and be corrected with a course of antibiotics or it can be due to blood-flow problems. In the case of circulatory problems, the general practitioner will not hesitate to call on a specialist in this field for help with a patient suffering from pulsative tinnitus. X-rays, tests on the ears and even MRI ultrasound scans will all come into play in investigating constant tinnitus. According to the results of these, the patient can be treated effectively through surgery or medication or even both.

It is essential to see a general practitioner the moment consistent ringing in the ear presents. He will review the patient’s medication to rule out possible side-effects which may be causing tinnitus. He will make a thorough examination of the ears, nose and throat. If he is unable to find the root cause, he may very well send the patient to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for further investigation. From there, the next course of action would be x-rays, MRI scans and even a trip to a neurologist.

This brings me to the story of a young woman who recently visited the ER. She was besides herself with irritation and distraught enough to need sedation. She was suffering from almost constant tinnitus in her right ear. After some time, the ER doctor successfully removed quite a large beetle that had somehow crept into her ear. Showing it to the patient gave her a shock – but the instantaneous relief she felt from the halting of the annoying ringing in her ear was something to see!

Other cases can not be treated so simply, however – it all depends on the root cause. Whilst surgery can give a successful outcome, sometimes the patient has mistreated their ears by subjecting their hearing to overly-loud music over an extended period of time. In some cases, hearing has been damaged permanently and the tinnitus can not be treated.

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Tinnitus Miracle

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