Ringing In Ear

Ringing In Ear- Also Known As Tinnitus

Tinnitus MiracleTinnitus or ringing in ear is not a condition itself, but rather a symptom of another condition. This could be an ear infection, or natural wax in the ear or maybe a nose infection that can either prevent or induce the draining of fluid, which again causes a wax buildup.

Other causes of the symptom can simply be a natural loss of hearing due to the aging process and a side effect of medication. Do you remember the old folktale that said it was caused by someone talking behind your back?

Tinnitus is not an uncommon condition especially when you consider our modern industrialized world. In large cities walking down a street you will encounter a number of loud noises. From police and ambulance sirens to construction sights, to car hooters, to you know who screaming right in your ear, ‘I don’t know what I am still doing with you, my mother was so right’. All of these have the potential to damage our hearing and an early sign of this can be tinnitus.

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Objective tinnitus is when a clinician can actually receive sounds emerging from a patients ear, and this may be due to a wax build up maybe due to difficulty draining fluid in the ear. Then there is subjective tinnitus and this of course means that a clinician cannot receive any sound emanating from the ear due to the fact that the underlying cause might be trauma to the ear itself, or simply deterioration due to to the aging process.

The way a clinician will measure just how bad a certain case of tinnitus has progressed, he or she will play sounds of a known amplitude to a patient. Now, based on the premise that the brain picks out the loudest sounds, the tinnitus of a particular individual will be at least equal or less to the amplitude of the sound played.

Hearing loss, let alone tinnitus can be permanent so it is only prudent that one takes precautionary measures. It is estimated that prolonged exposure to sounds or noise of more than 70 dB (decibels) can cause permanent damage. So musicians, workers on a construction sight where loud, heavy machinery is in use or anyone working with firearms on a regular basis, would be wise to use earplugs or any such preventative equipment.

Be also aware that tinnitus is not always only perceived as a ringing sound. Sounds that are described as a hissing, wheezing and whooshing amongst others have been described for the same condition, so be prepared to interpret it as the same.

There are generally different treatments for the different kinds of tinnitus. Objective tinnitus treatments can be the shielding of the cochlea with a teflon implant, clearing of the ear canal amongst others. Generally treatments are few as objective tinnitus is the ‘lesser of two evils’ so too speak.

Subjective tinnitus treatments, as its title tells us can be quite varied in method and intensity. Drug therapy as well as vitamin and mineral supplementation are used. Electrical stimulation therapy is used as well as surgery to repair the perilymph fistula, if need be. Psychological therapy taking the form of, cognitive behavioral therapy is also used.

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Tinnitus Miracle

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