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What Is A Tinnitus Masker?

A tinnitus masker is a device similar to a hearing aid, but its functions are different. It is an electronic device built in a case that you wear behind the ear. Where the normal hearing aid amplifies sound, the masker does not, it makes sounds.

This is one form of treatment for individuals suffering from tinnitus, a condition which causes noise in the ears even though no one else around you hears anything; commonly known as “ringing in the ears”.

An examination by an audiologist may be required before being treated with a device. This exam will let them know what symptoms you are experiencing and where. They may ask you to describe the sounds to get a better picture. Are you experiencing ringing, head noises, swishing sound, buzzing, etc? Different people have different symptoms. A decision can then be made as to whether or not a masker is an appropriate course of action for you.

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The whole idea behind this form of treatment is to mask the noise being experienced in the ears. By using a masking device a sound can be emitted that covers up the noises. It distracts us from the constancy of it by making a more pleasant sound for us.

If it is discovered that you have hearing loss a hearing aid may be prescribed. Many with hearing loss can experience these same symptoms, even more because of the hearing loss. A hearing aid and masker can be worn together as one goes in the ear and other on the back of the ear. Your audiologist or physician can explain this in detail.

You need to be aware that maskers are only used to reduce the ringing or noises we hear, not to make it go away. They are also not a traditional hearing aid and should not be worn as such. Set up a schedule for wearing the masker. It should not be worn 24 hours a day as that is still subjecting our ears to constant noise which is not healthy.

Use those every day maskers that we all have as well. The radio, TV, or even a ticking clock can work wonders. Make sure you have the volume set low on the radio or TV though. You do not want to make an aggravating situation worse.

By creating these other white noises, our ears tune in so to speak to that channel. They mask the more irritating ringing noise that we may be experiencing. By the same token, if none of these masking techniques work for you, there may be something else going on. You might want to check and see if you have any other issues going on that could be causing this.

Considering treatment options for you is the ultimate goal. Your doctor may have answers for you. If not, they can refer you to the appropriate resources. If a tinnitus masker is what you need, then by all means try one. Also try some of the other remedies.

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